Moai Statue Headphone Rack!

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Don't be "hard-headed!" Be a Big Kahuna.

Get this groovy, Easter-Island style headphone hanger, and your desk will transform into an island paradise! ...Ok, maybe not. But you'll finally have a right place to put those 'phones, not on the floor or laying around somewhere!

Please, do not ask for added weight. We tried this experimentally, and it consistently breaks the item. Someone from that experiment left a review, so please understand that this is not something we do.

Comes in a tasteful variety of colors. If you need a non-standard size or anything, just message me. I promise, this will make your desk look awesome.

Ship 100% FREE from Austin, Texas! I really do appreciate that you took time to check out my music/audio stuff, it means a lot. Thank you!


Moai - Easter Island Head by gravityisweakis licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.