DAVID BOWIE "Beach-Fade" Sunset-Color Wastebasket!

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"One person's trash, is the same person's treasure."

If you're like me, you probably never gave it much thought. I mean, it's just a trash can, right? "They aren't supposed to be cool."

I DISAGREE. I think every part of your home deserves some style. Including the humble dust bin! This Bowie comes with a neat "sunset-color" finish, it looks even more stunning in person.

That's why I invented BUST BINS! The coolest possible trash cans. It's high-level art, for your low-level rubbish.

Get yours today! Fits a 13-gallon trash bag; we even include your first bag FOR FREE.

Thanks for checking out my stuff. Share my listing if you know a friend who'd love a "bin-famous face!"